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buy Rolex Explorer II 16570 watch replica

This article introduces the Explorer II reference. The 16570 is a 40mm version and was produced for 22 years from 1989 to 2011. The eye-catching design of ExplorerII 16570, dual time zone function, almost indestructible appearance and tough, non-luxury posture make it the perfect companion for modern Rolex sports watches.

Of course, I am a bit biased towards Explorer II. I have always been my favorite Rolex sports watch. In fact, the first aaa rolex watches uk I bought was the 216570 black dial (here I compared it to Submariner). Although Submariner, GMT-Master II and Daytona have received a lot of attention, Explorer II has always been Rolex’s cautious and practical watch and a real travel watch for decades. Explorer II is the despicable prince of the Rolex sports watch family GMT-Master II (this is interesting because I think Harry is wearing Polar Dial Explorer II).

Launched as a cave explorer watch, Explorer II has a unique shape. The darkness of these caves makes it impossible to distinguish between day and night, which is why the 24-hour hands and fixed bezel. And the original Explorer II reference. 1655 does not mean that it is a travel watch. The 16570 introduced an independent hour hand, making it a dual time zone travel watch.

Completely refurbished fake rolex explorer . The 16550 was manufactured between 1985 and 1989 and is considered the first “transition” model found in this article from 1655 to 16570. Compared to 16570, they are more difficult to find and more expensive. For better or worse, 16550 has brought Explorer II into the Rolex Sports Watch series. The sapphire crystal, the new Mercedes hands, the time scale and the 24-hour hand are reminiscent of the GMT-Master of the time. It is also equipped with Calibre 3085, which can increase the above-mentioned independent hour hand function.

The 16550 also uses black or white (also known as Polar) dials, which introduces the remaining two dial options. Due to the flaws in the painting, the polar dial model is very popular among collectors, and the dial slowly turns milky. In fact, the prices of these products are usually higher than the old reference prices. The price is high. It was also called “Steve McQueen” in 1655. What shocked me was that the price of the cream-colored dial 16550 exceeded 1655, which is not uncommon.

Rolex moved forward in 1989 and released the Explorer II Ref. The 16570 had been running for nearly 22 years before it was released in 2011, 216570. 16570 repeats 16550, with minor changes to the new 3185 movement and limit dial model. Replacing the silver outlined hands to make the hour markers black and emphasize the white dial greatly improves readability. Similarly, the font used for border numbering has been changed from 16550 to 16570, which is a problem.

The width of Explorer II 16570 is 100M, the width is 40 mm, the thickness is 12.2 mm, and the waterproof depth between ears and ears is 47 mm, which is the ideal size for large and small wrists. Wearing a 7.5-inch wrist, I found that my complaint was zero and the size was just right. I personally prefer it to be larger, so I prefer 216570, with a width of 42 mm, a thickness of 12.5 mm, and a lug of 50.1 mm. Compared with Submariner or GMT-Master, one of the advantages of Explorer II is that the 24-hour bezel is tilted down and the case looks slim.

The 16570 movement is equipped with the 3185 movement (the model since 2006 has been slightly updated 3186 movement). The sport was launched for Explorer II and GMT Master II in 1988. For the first time, Rolex uses an independent hour hand movement and also has a second hand function. The 3185 has 31 jewels, runs at 28,800 vph, and has a power reserve of 50 hours. Of course, considering how many Explorer II watches with this movement have been produced in 22 years, whether repairs are required depends on the specific circumstances.

Although they are actually the same watch, the Explorer II 16570 watch has different serial numbers, and there are subtle differences between these serial numbers. The polar dial model mentioned in this article is the Y serial number, and the black dial is the F serial number. Both have strong end links, but the lugs of the Polar Dial Y series have been perforated to facilitate the replacement of bracelets or belts, while the Black Dial F series does not. New bracelets and straps can completely change the identity of the watch, so I think many people will choose the dial with ears (to be honest, these old fake rolex watches bracelets are not old).

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