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12 Entry Level Rolexes You Need to Know!

Rolex watches have a long history and are the most valuable luxury item after Hermès handbags. A word of caution, buy a Rolex and enjoy it early, because even though the Swiss franc is stagnant, Rolex prices are still strong, and the price is increased at least once a year by 5-6%.

1. Milguass Ref: 116400 GV

The Milguass is also known as Green Glass, with a unique green-orange color scheme that makes the design youthful, and is considered a must-have for women trendsetters.

2. Datejust 41 Ref: 126300

The most famous and recognizable models in Rolex’s history are the Datejust – gold, yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, precious stones, etc. – the most varied, but of course the easiest to get into is the steel model.

3. Daytona Ref: 116500

The Daytona is an extremely popular watch, especially with its black and white finish, and although the base model is priced around $100,000, this watch is difficult to buy at regular price and is one of the most valuable models to keep.

4. GMT Master II Ref: 126710BLRO

The red and blue GMTMaster II, commonly known as the Pepsi Noodle, was discontinued and only reintroduced in a replica version this year, swapping the classic Oyster steel five-section strap for a return to the market, priced low but super thirsty.

5. Submariner Ref: 114060

The Submariner, popularly known as the Blackwater Ghost, is one of the most widely owned Rolex watches, and is popular because of its stylish appearance and not intimidating price point.

6. Sea-Dweller Ref: 126600

The Sea-Dweller, also known as the Deep Dive, has a 43mm shell with the largest surface, which is suitable for people with thick wrists, and is equipped with a helium exhaust device for pressure reduction during deep dives.

7. Explorer II Ref: 216570

As its name suggests, the sporty Explorer 2, with its 24-hour time display engraved on the bezel, is one of the famous models in the Rolex collection.

8. Explorer Ref: 214270

It is popularly known as 369 because of the time scale of 3, 6 and 9 on the surface, and it was worn by Chen Baiqiang in the play that year.

9. Air King Ref: 116900

The Air King is a classic Rolex flight watch with a design that pays homage to the aviation world and is easy to get your hands on at a modest official retail price.

10. Oyster Perpetual 34 Ref:114200

As its name implies, the 34mm case is the smallest of the starter watches presented today, and is a classic for girls, simple yet elegant.

11. Yacht-Master 40 Ref:116622

Want to upgrade from a steel watch? Choose the Yacht-Master 40, which is available in white gold.

12. Yacht-Master Everose Rolesor Ref:116621

Rolex’s new Yacht-Master, launched the year before, is a long-time seller, with the hottest selling model in rose gold steel with chocolate finish.

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